Member participation

The success of the EMTF depends on the participation of all the individual member schools.

Member participation and more importantly a voice within the EMTF shows respect for all members and an offers an active opportunity for everyone to contribute to their own future.
Each member school has a say in the organisation of the EMTF. The EMTF team meets regularly to determine the course of the EMTF and to organise competitions, seminars, courses and dan-grade examinations as required.

How do you become a member?

You become a member of the EMTF by simply writing into the EMTF headquarters or through a designated representative and asking for school-membership. You will only be requested to wear an EMTF patch on your left arm if you desire. In doing so, all your students become members of the EMTF. The advantage of this is that your students will then be able to benefit directly from the facilities and material that the EMTF offers.