Unity of Effort – Language of Champions

The style of martial art we practice has a deep history and strong foundations established by the hard work and knowledge of Tang Soo Do’s founder. His hard work continues through the custodians of this art who have dedicated their lives to learning and teaching it. Grand Masters and Senior Masters throughout the world, strive to lead the next generation of Tang Soo Do leaders to grow Tang Soo Do whilst maintaining its core heritage. This is aided by Tang Soo Do’s deep history and heritage which is a golden thread that provides a unity amongst all its practitioners. This leads to one of the great things that bonds us as practitioners of Tang Soo Do and that is no matter where in the world, we are from we can come together and train as one – we call this the brother / sisterhood of Tang Soo Do and it is represented by the red strip in a Masters belt.

By taking the time to learn from our Grand Masters and adopting their messages as a unified voice throughout all of our martial arts activities by using the ‘language of champions’ you too will become a custodian of Tang Soo Do’s legacy. Use his language across all social media platforms and through all engagements with people to emphasize the positive nature of TGTSDA and the wonderful art of Tang Soo Do.

What is the language of champions? When you prepare for your next grade or for a tournament, you train hard to be the best you can physically and mentally be. You will listen to your instructors’ advice on technique and training routine. They will use motivational language to drive you to be the best you can; in other words, they will use the language of champions to inspire you. This language can be used beyond the dojang, it can be used for all things in life. If you talk like a champion, you will become a champion, whether it’s training, school, work, family life or supporting your organization. Train yourself to adopt the ‘language of champions’ for all the things you do, so it becomes natural and intuitive helping contributing towards being a champion in all aspects of your life – not just on the mat!

By Master Jan De-Vry